Code of conduct


All sports clubs of the University of Cambridge are required to have and publish a written code of conduct. This document constitutes the code of conduct for Cambridge University Basketball Club (CUBbC).


The Club is registered with the University Proctors and the Sports Syndicate. It is also registered with British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), and Basketball England (BE, English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, S9 5DA).

Liability & Insurance

CUBbC is covered by BE’s public liability insurance and does not hold any additional insurance policies. CUBbC and BE require all coaches and all players who play in BUCS games to be registered with BE so that they are covered by the BE insurance policy. More details on the BE insurance policy can be found online at:

All players and coaches should be aware of the fact that they take part in all activities at entirely their own risk, and that neither CUBbC nor any of the bodies mentioned above, nor the University shall be liable for any accident or injury sustained, excluding the provisions made by relevant English law.

Players and coaches who drive rental cars or their own cars to away fixtures do so at their own risk and must have insurance cover. While CUBbCwill pay for full excess insurance for all drivers if this is possible, the Club in general cannot pay excess charges for damaged vehicles. In addition, CUBbC will not in general pay for any fines (e.g. speeding tickets).

Health & Safety Policy

All Club members are expected to abide by the Health & Safety regulations laid down by the University Safety Office, the University Sports Syndicate, the owners/trustees of the various venues used, and the Clubs Risk Assessment. Members are also expected to obey the direction of club officials. In particular, players are required to follow the instructions of the coaches and team captains. Furthermore, members are expected to take all reasonable care of themselves and those around them.

Health and safety is the responsibility of all members, be they club officials or not. Members are therefore expected to promptly notify Club officials of any perceived risks, accidents, or near-misses that occur.

While CUBbC performs the administration for the College League all games are held as friendly games between two College societies and the societies themselves are responsible for the health and safety of their members. CUBbC will send a representative to most College League games to ensure that the league rules are adhered to but these representatives are not referees, are not registered as referees with BUCS and can therefore not be responsible for the safety of the players. This is the responsibility of the two participating College teams.


The Club will endeavour to provide adequate training for all members to ensure their safety when training or playing. Practice sessions will in general be supervised by an experienced and registered coach. Low risk shooting and running sessions will be lead by an experienced player (in almost all cases this will be the team captain). The Club wishes to explicitly state that these precautions do not and cannot preclude a member suffering from (possibly serious) injury, as detailed in the Clubs Risk Assessment.

All CUBbC members are expected to pay an annual membership fee, which is set by the committee each season, by the end of October. Fees are not generally refunded for any reason, though special cases are considered by the Junior Treasurer.

 Members are expected to abide by the rules of the game as set out by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). In particular, this includes good sporting conduct, respect for other players and officials, and the abiding by the decisions made by captains, coaches, and referees.

Members are expected to not behave in a way that could bring the club into disrepute. In particular, they are expected to behave respectably while wearing club kit.

Trials & Selection

At the beginning of each academic year, the Club holds trials to select which players should form part of each team. Members attending the trials will be selected on the basis of how coaches perceive their levels of skill, physical fitness, potential, and commitment. Any member who feels that their level of play is not as high as they feel it should be to play with the team they have been selected for should talk to their coach or captain.


CUBbC requires that all members wear appropriate attire for all Club activities. In particular players are required to wear trainers designed for indoor Basketball as this greatly reduces the risk of injuries. Match attire will be provided by CUBbC to conform with BE rules. No jewelry that might cause personal injury or injury to other players may be worn.

Members should take all reasonable care with all equipment provided. Any member found to have been grossly negligent in the care of such equipment will be liable for any resulting costs.

Equal opportunities

CUBbC will work to ensure equality in terms of opportunity and open access. Together with Cambridge University Women’s Basketball Club, CUBbC is committed to tackling discrimination and ensuring that no member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of the protected characteristics of age, sex, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins), disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, trans status (legally referred to as gender reassignment), pregnancy and maternity.1

Should any member of CUBbC feel that they are discriminated against be it by a club official, another member or the proceedings or policies of the club (indirect discrimination) they should consult the team captains or any member of the committee (in particular the President or the Senior Treasurer), who are all obliged to take appropriate action (see Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure).

Disciplinary Procedure

Breaches of this Code of Conduct should be reported to the Club officers. They will decide the appropriate response to the incident, which may include expulsion from the Club, and a fine to cover any damages sustained by the Club. The Clubs Senior Treasurer shall have the final decision in such matters, in case of any appeal.

Complaints Procedure

Should any member have cause to complain concerning another member, a club officer, or any other aspect of the Club, they should write in confidence to the President, Secretary or Senior Treasurer. Complaints will be considered by the Club officials and acted on as appropriate. Concerns over health and safety should be notified to the Secretary or President.

1 This list is taken from the 2010 Equality Act:

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