Committee MembersĀ 2018-2019
Position Name E-mail (
President Sam Bedell sgb46
Secretary Jorge Gomez jg667
Junior Treasurer TJ Booker tjb90
College League Oliver Nick on229
IT Officer Alan Walsh amw202
Welfare and Safety Dimitris dp577
Alumni Officer Luka Skoric ls604
Social Dami Adebayo dada2
Senior treasurer Vaughan Wittorff vww20


Members’ Roles


  • Manages the club on a day-to-day basis
  • Primary point of contact for external enquiries from other teams and for general questions from the committee or club members
  • Organises the Varsity matches


  • Books transportation for away games
  • Arranges referees for all home games at least three days in advance

Senior Treasurer and Treasurer

  • Manages all accounts and financial transactions
  • Prepares the annual budget
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Applies to University committees for funding
  • Helps collect fees for aevents

College League Secretary

  • Manages the college league on a day-to-day basis
  • Schedules college league and cuppers games
  • Schedules proctors for each game at the start of term and ensures they are fulfilling their duties
  • Interacts with college team captains and responds to all enquiries or complaints
  • Contact the teams about fund-raising events and encourages people to join

Events Officer

  • Organises all social events
  • Liaises with the women’s club to plan joint social events
  • Liaises with the treasurer in regard to the budget for social events

Blues Representative and Lions Representative

  • Confirms the availability of court/transport for both home and away games
  • Confirms the availability of two table officials for home games at least two days in advance
  • Confirms the availability of scorebook and other equipment for home games
  • Confirms times and venues of the away games
  • Gets directions to away games
  • Prepares the court for the home games

Stash Officer

  • Designs and orders the club stash and kit

IT Officer

  • Develops and maintains the club website
  • Helps to maintain the club’s social platforms and integrates them with the website
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