Health & Safety Policy

All Club members are expected to abide by the Health & Safety regulations laid down by the University Safety Office, the University Sports Syndicate, the owners/trustees of the various venues used, and the Club‘s Risk Assessment. Members are also expected to obey the direction of club officials. In particular, players are required to follow the instructions of the coaches and team captains. Furthermore, members are expected to take all reasonable care of themselves and those around them.

Health and safety is the responsibility of all members, be they club officials or not. Members are therefore expected to promptly notify Club officials of any perceived risks, accidents, or near-misses that occur.

The Club will endeavour to provide adequate training for all members to ensure their safety when training or playing. Practice sessions will in general be supervised by an experienced and registered coach. Low risk shooting and running sessions will be lead by an experienced player (in almost all cases this will be the team captain). The Club wishes to explicitly state that these precautions do not and cannot preclude a member suffering from (possibly serious) injury, as detailed in the Club‘s Risk Assessment.

While CUBbC performs the administration for the College League all games are held as friendly games between two College societies and the societies themselves are responsible for the health and safety of their members. CUBbC will send a representative to most College League games to ensure that the league rules are adhered to but these representatives are not referees, are not registered as referees with BUCS and can therefore not be responsible for the safety of the players. This is the responsibility of the two participating College teams.

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