College League

The cambridge university basketball college league is a university-wide league organised entirely by the CUBbC. It is designed to give university students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest sports ever created —basketball. Through participation, we hope to enhance physical health and mental well-being, foster a spirit of competition and fair play, and encourage socialisation within the University.

The league encompasses a wide range of skill levels. Currently, there are 25 teams in five different divisions that are ranked according to competitiveness (five teams in each Division. The league runs from the beginning of the Michaelmas term to roughly halfway through the Lent term. At the end of Lent term, the Cuppers competition is organised (similar to playoffs).

College League teams must agree to and abide by CUBbC’s Code of Conduct and Health and Safety Policy.

Any college of the university interested in joining the league should contact the college league secretaries: Abdullah Kattineh (ak2155) and Matthew Offeh (molo2). Entering teams must (1) have at least 5 players and (2) pay the entrance fee before the start of the league. Teams unable to meet these requirements might like to consider forming a joint team with another college. Usually, new entries cannot be accepted after the beginning of Michaelmas term as the court bookings and game schedules will have been finalised by then.

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