Season 1957-1958

(sent by Denis Severis, added by Michael Hofstetter in Mai 2022)

We were delighted to receive the following memories by our alumnus Denis Severis, which further completes the incredible club history from the 1950s.


Dear Michael,
I have searched for some team photos but I cannot find any. As to memories, I remember that there were only 11-12 of us almost all overseas students, of whom 3-4 Americans. Our captain was Nuhad Es-Said a Lebanese graduate of the American University of Beirut who, at the time had one of the best teams in the Middle East. I had actually played against this team about three years earlier as a member of my Cyprus Gymnasium team (and got creamed). Nuhad’s (deadly) specialty was an overhead shot which I have never seen since, whereby the ball left his hand from behind his head so there was no way to block it short of fouling. 
I also remember that we did not have a proper covered court in Cambridge but had to train in a “half-court” that was also used for tennis practice (one at net play, one in back-court) but large enough for volley-ball, badminton and judo. For all I know it still exists. For full-court training we had to drive to the Mildenhall Air Base where the USAF would kindly let us use their court a few hours, once a week and paly one of their teams. Despite all disadvantages above, we beat Oxford at least once, if not twice.
I see that you and team mates are making us proud, so all my best wishes for your continued success.
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