Season 1969-1970

Oxford Rhodes Scholars making the difference again

(text by Gary Horlick, added by Michael Hofstetter in January 2022)

We appreciated the following note that we received from Gary Horlick, who represented the club in the late 1960s. As we can see, Bill Bradley left quite an impression still being remembered years after his time in Cambridge.

We lost the Varsity matches in 1969 and 1970 but I do not remember the scores, perhaps because of the ‘dinner’ thereafter. My recollection is that we did not do badly in our other matches, but at the time Oxford has a steady supply of US Rhodes scholars chosen much much more  on athletic success than now.  The 1966 Oxford team featured Bill Bradley[who also played as an amateur on the Euroleague Champion team], the topUS university player of the year in 1964 and  1965 and later a Hall of Fame player in the pros. And an excellent US senator.

Gary Horlick




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